• A running reef-pi controller version is always visible from the dashaboard footer.

reef-pi version

  • Determine appropriate reef-pi version based on raspberry pi (3 or zero) from the release page. Choose latest relase if you are unsure. For this documentation we'll use 1.0 release version on pi zero.

  • Open a terminal window using the ssh software of your choices. SSH into your raspberry pi, then login into reef-pi and upgrade by entering the following commands in the terminal window

  • Download the release package on reef-pi (remember to use the correct pi-x.x package number)

wget -c https://github.com/reef-pi/reef-pi/releases/download/0.5/reef-pi-1.0-pi0.deb
  • Install the downloaded reef-pi version
sudo dpkg -i reef-pi-1.0-pi0.deb
  • Check reef-pi is running suscessfully using
sudo systemctl status reef-pi.service