Touchscreen display

reef-pi can be configured to be used with the offical Raspberry Pi Touchscreen display to provide a direct access to reef-pi, without any network dependency. With a touchscreen it is possible to run reef-pi without any internet or even home wifi connection ( albeit modules like telemetry will not work). Activities like equipment on/off during water change, light intensity controls are all possible with touchscreen. Workflows involving editing text (like the one involved in creating new timer or equipment) are harder to setup, but can be done using on screen keyboard software (e.g. matchbox-keyboard).

The touchscreen display is only tested with Raspberry Pi 3, not with pi zero.

How this work

Things to consider

  • Touchscreen housing
  • Power
  • I2C wiring

Bill of materials



Installation & Configuration

  • Follow reef-pi installation guide to setup reef-pi on Raspberry Pi 3.

  • Enabling display in reef-pi configuration

  • Auto-starting dashboard on-boot

  • Adjusting rotation