Bill of Materials

Due to the modular & DIY nature of reef-pi, different builds may require different parts. This Bill of Materials provides an exhaustive list of parts used in all the build guides and is enough to make an all in one reef-pi build. Use this as a reference. This list contains some options to pick and choose between components where applicable. We always recommend sourcing components locally but from reputed vendors. Pay extra attention to UL listed or similar quality mark for power supplies, user and livestock safety is of paramount importance. Read through the electronics & wiring guide to understand how to use this list.

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi zero
  2. MicroSD card
  3. Power supply
    • 5V 2.5 A, DC power adapter
    • 12V DC power adapter
    • PCB module with 12 v and 5 v dual power output
    • LM2596 Voltage regulators
  4. Jumper wires and connectors
    • Jumper wires (male-female, female-female)
    • Standoffs
    • Perma proto board
    • Breadboard
    • Panel mount female barrel jacks
    • Panel mount female audio jacks
    • Male electrical power socket
  5. Ancillary boards
    • PCA9685 breakout board
    • 8 channel relay board
  6. Sensors and probes
    • DS18B20 temperature probe
    • Photoelectric water level sensor
  7. Ancillary electronic component
    • 2N3904 transistors ( pack of 10)
    • Resistor: 1K, 10K, 4.7K (10 of each)
    • IRLB8721PBF power MOSFETs
  8. Housing
    • Wooden enclosure or plastic project box

If you shop from Amazon, you can use this list to purchase. Make sure you remove the parts that are redundant or not necessary for your build.